Tiny Texas houses – the magic of reusing wood

Tiny Texas houses – the magic of reusing wood

Over the years, various kinds of miniature, space conserving houses have been built to create a new way of sustainable living. Is this new way of living something you think you would try?

Brad Kittel has been buying boarded up homes and fixing them using 99% recycled or salvaged materials from other old houses, barns and different kinds buildings.

They are so beautiful and completely unique from other types of miniature houses like this.A lot of designs for similar kinds of houses are completely modern and have a clean, minimalist appearance to them. Brad is combining an antique, wooden look with practical, sustainable living.

He spent decades refining his skills in mining and building before beginning to collect materials to build these small, portable houses. They measure up to 64 square feet and are made up of entirely recycled materials besides things like electrical parts, insulation materials and plumbing systems.
What’s so special about these homes is that they can be considered ‘organic’. Brad doesn’t use plastics, formaldehyde, toxic materials and keeps to a minimum with PVC pipes.
On his land in Luling, Texas, he has started his own tiny home community called ‘Pure Salvage Living’.









Right now, he is offering his housing creations as rentals so people can experience what it’s like to live in a truly organic house.
These houses are like puzzle pieces being fit together with different kinds of materials from all over the country. Things like the trim of the doorframe, the stairs, the windows panes; they are all beautifully mixed and matched to create something new from the old.