A new anonymous online drug market has emerged, claiming to be SILKROAD RELOADED!

To acces it’s webpages (so called eepsites) you have to make a ton of changes to your computer, and the sites domain end in .i2p . Of course you can’t pay with your credit/debit card, but you have to use so called cryptocurrencies by converting them into Bitcoin using the site’s own wallet. After you convert to Bitcoin, you can also use Anoncoin, Darkcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin.



You can buy drugs, counterfeit money, fake IDs, fake brand clothing and hacking services. The owners take 1% of each transaction for their services.


A few words from the website SILK RELOADED:

“Who are we? Ones who care about true freedom, self-ownership and self-possession. Yes believe it or not you own yourself. What exactly does this mean? Many things but first and foremost that we not anyone else has the right/privilege to tell you what to do with your person, on any level except/unless you cause harm to someone’s property/person.” – SILKROAD RELOADED, the website



“We created this to allow the most basic of human activities to occur unimpeded, that being trade. It’s not only a major disruption of progress but, it is an interference to control someone to the degree that their free will is compromised. We may not be able to stop this but we certainly won’t contribute to it. Enjoy the site.” – SILKROAD RELOADED, the website

Ladies and gentleman, 2015.