How pages earn their money, how you should act on the internet and Filthy Frank

How pages earn their money, how you should act on the internet and Filthy Frank

I know it’s self explanatory but some people don’t know HOW THIS INTERNET GAME works. Let me enlighten you.

1. How pages make their mullah/paper/money/geld/parra/denar/whateveritalianssay

There are a few ways pages earn their money like selling shitty t-shirts, by making it possible for users to donate money, with monthly subscription fees and of course by showing ads. A lot of people have ad blocker though, which makes it impossible for a lot of people to make their money that way. I understand why you would want an ad blocker, since it does what it says, it blocks ads, and since 98% of pages nowadays are more ads than post, this option becomes very useful. The thing about those ads (if you don’t have ad blocker), if you see them, the page owner doesn’t get payed (or if he does it’s poorly) from that.

Which is retarded in my humble opinion, because you as a possible consumer see the ad and with that the job  is done. People who advertise on big ass billboards don’t pay if people actually come to the store, they pay because of the views, which is how it should be done on the internet. With google ads you can forget about that. Here you have to actually click on the ad, and than spend at least some time on the page (at least 15sec (this is a guess about the lenght of time)) for the click to be considered organic. That’s why I like to click on ads on pages I like. I don’t have money to donate, but I can click the shit out of everything. I’m a pro like that.

2) How you should act on the internet

Nice. You should fucking act nice.

3) Filthy Frank

I can’t believe I spend so much time on the internet and never heard of Filthy Frank. THANKS YOUTUBE. If you haven’t heard about Filthy Frank, you should definetly check him/them out. Below you will find some of his gems.

For more check out his channels on youtube.