Is fake news still fake news if fake news calls it fake news

Is fake news still fake news if fake news calls it fake news

Sooooooo, we got hacked. Hwy? Dunno. But they said they were hwite hat hackers hwich apparently are the good guys. They said it was just for fun and to show that our security has flaws, hwich is very funny because I smoke weed for fun. How ’bout dah.

Hwat we know (hwat/hwy just sounds more awesome big up Jim Rohm) is that this started happening hwen 1/2 of THEHOLYWEB joined two groups about PIZZAGATE on facebook and started being an active member sharing an interesting link.

Yesterday his facebook was reported for not having a real name (fuck you) and is now not available and if he doesn’t provide actual ID (what the actual fuck zuckerberg) by the 15th of february, his account will be deleted. He wasn’t banned for sharing this link from the group or anything, but it all started after that. Maybe it was someone from those groups. It’s a strange coincidence but we guess we will never know. Doesn’t matter. Then, today at work, 1/2 of THW checkt the statistics for visitors, it was higher than usual, so I went to check out from where the visits were coming and there it was. THW got hacked (see the picture below).

If you know anything or nothing about PIZZAGATE this link above is the best you’ll get to a fully sourced executive summary of the evidence no mainstream media will show you. Except for Ben Swann on Reality Check. And he disappeared from social media short after that and hasn’t made an appearence on the show since. A big up to you 2 Ben Swann.

If you type PIZZAGATE in google the first thing that will pop up is this shit you’ll se below.

Et tu, Google?









Debunked? O RLY. HWY? Well, below you will find 2 links. The first one will be the same as above – a fully sourced executive summary of PIZZAGATE evidence, and the second one will be about debunking PIZZAGATE “theory”.

  1. a fully sourced executive summary of pizzagate evidence
  2. a article by the new york times debunking pizzagate

Let’s say  you were a Fox News journalist named Megyn Kelly. You would think if a journalist had a chance to interview one of the people accused let’s say James Alefantis the owner of the family pizzeria Comet Ping Pong involved in this , she would ask him questions that would actually dissprove the “theory”, like the questions seen below on the picture.
Journalism at it's finest.

Think again. Journalism at it’s finest.

So.. Is fake news still fake news, if fake news calls it fake news? Is mainstream media the true fake news media? Should we inform us by independent media sites? Who is to say what’s real and what’s fake? FACTS. I won’t even get into that whole 9.11, because if you still think the US government had nothing to do with it, you my friend need to do some research. The private banking/money system? Ah. I only have one question to you fellow people, and that is, the blue pill or the red pill?

To all the fact driven conspiracy theorists out there, WE salute you. Keep doing what you’re doing. We live in a wonderful world, full of amazing technology, with very very very bad and evil people mixed in our government and in powerful positions.

To all the “waltdisney logo 666 satan worshiper picture posting” nutcases go read a book. Search the internet. Educate yourself if the school system and your parents failed you. Google the word fact, look it up in the dictionary, use IT as arguments and for Gods sake, stop posting this type of bullshit connected to actual conspiracies hwich are based on the given facts and leads, because people usually see that shit first, and don’t even bother to actually do the research or read a bit more on the given subject.

To the hackers who hacked this and the other site. Congratulations.  Also I agree with FUCK ISIS that you left written on one post. Just wanted it to put it out there, we’re on the same team. It’s a shame you also didn’t write FUCK WHOEVER IS GIVING THEM MONEY. Also wanted to put that out there.

To whoever reported 1/2 of THW on facebook
for not having a real name, click here.

To Joe Rogan and Alex Jones,
you did an awesome job with the podcast #911 and did a GREAT job about everything, especially the part where Joe checks the statements that Alex Jones made. It’s how news/informing people should look like, with backing up claims with facts.

To Eddie Bravo
on the #911 podcats, the next time just stfu and speak when spoken to god fucking damn it I wanted to punch you in the face during the whole podcast.

To facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Fuck you.

To Millennial_Falcon from voat, thank you very mucht for the fully sourced summary.. You’re a blessing.

To all the people visiting THW
, huge thank you and always keep an open mind. 1


This post is dedicated to Steven Colbert, I never liked you.