Very awesome and interesting Slavic folklore

Very awesome and interesting Slavic folklore

Koschei the deathless
His death is hidden inside a needle, inside an egg, inside a duck, inside a hare, inside a golden chest, locked deep in a tower on an island.

Baba Yaga
The wisened crone. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always shows the weakness of the characters in a story. Fabled for her witch hut on giant chicken legs that always faces away from intruders, but if the correct command phrase is known it will turn and sit for people to enter.

Sometimes considered a forest demon, sometimes just a sprite. Protectors of the forest who cast no shadow and wear their boots on the wrong feet.

Tugarin Zmeyovich
A slavic dragon (which are unique from other European and Asian forms). Normally appears in his natural shape of a large 3 headed reptilian beast with massive dark leathery wings, but can also take the shape of a humanoid serpent if it suits him better. Always a protagonist. Always a major advesary. Always cunning beyond belief.

A race of peoples nomadic in nature, and owning of werewolf characteristics. Many times assuming the form of large wolf like soldiers for battle. Yet another mythological character that can be both good or bad depending on the antagonist.

The guardian of the forest. Can take any woodland form though normally appears as a masculine form… notorious for guiding the weak willed astray of their travels and causing general havoc. His role in a tale can be either helpful or a hindrance and normall appears when least expected or all hope is lost.

Ilya Myromets
A myth hero. The son of a farmer who spent most of his childhood as an invalid. Miraculously cured and began doing great deeds. A character of hope and triumph.

Alyosha Pavlovich
Another hero and brother of Ilya. Famous in tales for being the only one to have defeated Tugarin, and more so by out smarting the dragon and taking his pride.

The robber… known as the nightingale and possesor of a rare herb that could unlock any closed chest or door.

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