Aldi employee caught stealing 84.000£ for her cocaine habbit

Aldi employee caught stealing 84.000£ for her cocaine habbit

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Some people will do everything to get a fix. One Aldi store manager has been caught stealing a wooping 84.000£. Police said Louise Mulholland was living a high life (1. high standard of life, 2. high of cocaine) with a flashy sports car, carrying wads of cash like she supposed to, but still she lived at her parents. Gotta save money where you can right?



Police were told that when she was out with her “friends” she always bought the drinks for everybody and regularly withdrew large sums from ATMs. Louise was earning a 40.000£ a year salary which face it is a shitload of money.   The records showed that in April 2012, there should’ve been two weeks worth of takings worth between 80.000£ – 90.000£.


A few words from the Judge that sentenced the woman version of Rick James:

You are an extremely capable, highly intelligent woman of very considerable ability. If you had not resorted to dishonesty you might have gone far in the retail business. Unfortunately you became reckless, taking drink and drugs and went out of control. – Judge Thomas Teague, QC