7 bizzare human consciousness theories

7 bizzare human consciousness theories

When you’re cold cocked by a guy in a parking lot you become unconscious, when you wake up in hospital seven hours later you are magically conscious again.

One of the most fascinating questions posed regarding human consciousness asks whether human brains develop it, or they merely receive consciousness from an external source.

Despite it being a non-physical concept, the idea of consciousness is now becoming more fundamental to our discussions of the physical world.

Isn’t it great when a group of people come together and work harmoniously on a single goal, whether it’s building a bridge, creating a movie or invading and burning a country to ashes, there’s something deeply satisfying about individuals setting aside their own goals in the name of teamwork.

A recent hypothesis currently being investigated by University teams from Paris and Toronto claims that human consciousness is merely a by-product of one of the universe’s most fundamental principles – entropy.

When you watch a movie you’re not viewing a fluid depiction of motion, you’re actually seeing a series of still images which are projected so fast you perceive it as one seamless piece of movement.

The main property of consciousness is deemed to be its ability to integrate all of our sensory experiences into one single reality, and the Integrated Information Theory states that this is all consciousness is; a complex system of interactions and evaluations.

Despite being the most fundamental aspect of our very being, consciousness has rarely been studied within the context of evolution.

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