29 Delicious Slow Motion GIFs

29 Delicious Slow Motion GIFs

If you like GIFS you’re gonna LOVE these GIFS. Check it out.

Let’s start with what happens if you shoot a bullet into a steel wall.

The wall wins.

But a watermelon loses.

Doesn’t go particularly well for the egg either.

Squishy pool table edge.

The tip of a pool cue distorts slightly when it hits the ball.

Things popping.


It seems like a drinking dog is just licking the water with his dumb tongue, but he’s actually doing stuff.

Officially a monster.

I wonder who the first human was to realize this happened when you heated up corn.

A violin being creepy.


Lightning actually worms its way down to the Earth and the big bolt you see is generated when it first touches the ground.

Not really sure what the glass was doing between when it was hit and when it shattered.

2 for 1.

The ball gooeys around the bat.

A golf ball slightly gooeys too when it’s hit by the driver.

But it gooeys when it hits a metal wall.



How dare that many things happen when a droplet hits water.

Here’s a slow motion explosion. The force field thing is the explosion’s shock wave. It always seems odd how a not-that-large meteorite hitting the Earth can do so much damage—a huge amount of that damage is caused by the shock wave generated by the impact.

Light moves at about 300 million meters/second. Which means that when you slow it down 10 billion times, it moves 3cm/second. This is a single burst of light washing over a tomato.

And a single light burst moving through a bottle and then bouncing off the far end.

This whole GIF takes place in less than a nanosecond. If you watched a bullet fired at that same bottle, also slowed down 10 billion times, it would take a year for the bullet to get through the bottle. The full story on this ridiculous camera technology here.